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List of Buzz Developers

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& Music link
Real name
& Personal link
Description of the developer or his music tasteMachines
2ndProcessMalte Schreiberaphex twin like fuzz movie stuff, dnb, metal, industrial,.... & much more7
AndersSkitusAnders FribergCompletely unartful music to bury your dancing feet up to your knees in the soil + twist head a half turn b?rft records1
aneurysmLangel Bookbinder1
AntonioAntonio MazzitelliProgrammer and musician.3
ApoMikko ApoThe whole range of electronica: techno, house, trance, ambient, downtempo,...12
ArguruAuthor of the Alpha machine.34
AseDevAuthor of the a2pFilter01 machine.13
automatonJon Pakdrum'n'bass, idm, ambient, triphop all things electronic12
BGTechAuthor of the CompGate machine.5
BigyoAuthor of the 2p Filter machine.10
BTDSysAuthor of the LiveJumpHACK machine.12
cherrygravesMagnusJohanssonelectroclash/pop Pop, electropop, electroclash1
Chilled_DreamsAuthor of the Rebirth Midi machine.2
ChimpDave Hooper5
ChrisisasavageAuthor of the SGap machine.2
Chun-YuAuthor of the Smooth Overdrive machine.2
ClimoxAuthor of the 313 machine.5
CnGAuthor of the Recorder machine.1
CnWAuthor of the Turbion Geiger machine.3
CyanPhaseEdward L. BlakeRetrigs, ambient tones, trees26
DaveespionageDavid Cox-Espenlaubhouse, downtempo, tech jungle, hip hop, funk1
DedaCodeAuthor of the Degradation machine.14
devinDevin Mullins2
DevonAuthor of the Analog Cruncher machine.5
DexMarc LandisTechno Techno, Electronic Stuff10
dimageDimage SapelkinPsychedelic, experimental Prog/art/psych, death metal, grind core4
DocBexterSimon Bucher!=4x45
edexter3eric dexter1
edscaerk / guineapigArovaneish electronica with pianos in :) lofi (Smog), country (Neil Young), classical (Chopin, Preisner), slow sad music (Low, Godspeed), electronica (Boards, Arovane), tons of stuff1
ElakAuthor of the Dist machine.3
elenzilorion elenzilpowernoise. duke ellington.2
FarbrauschAuthor of the V2 synthesizer system machine.1
FireSledgeLaurent de SorasExperimental, electro, punk rock Experimental, electro, punk rock4
FrequencyUnknownAuthor of the 20db Boost machine.13
fsmKrzysztof Foltman18
FuzzpilzJakob Katz43
GazzuarAuthor of the Gazzuar - LazyPanner machine.1
geoffroygeoffroyexperimental pop :) experimental music - pop - free jazz2
GeonikAuthor of the 2pFilter machine.19
GraueCatatonic Porpoise1
Hal-DreamerAuthor of the 2p-SpecFilter machine.27
harcoonanJens BlomquistAstral Projection | Infected Mushroom3
HoesterHoesterDub, Funky Breaks Dub1
intoxicatedKarlvery little7
JeskolaAuthor of the 3210 machine.29
jmmcdJames McDermott2
JoachimJoachim Michaelisafro-inspired dub, house and techno strange foreign stuff, progressive house, techno, ambient27
JohnBSmithAuthor of the ReWire Link machine.1
JRJRTribal Techno, Deephouse Deep & Jazzy House, NuJazz, Downtempo, Tribal Techno1
kazuyakazuya maedaBigBeat BigBeat15
KBPAuthor of the Reversor machine.1
kejoErik Olofssonmusic music1
kibibuCameron FoaleCheesy Gothic Pop with Masturbation Noises Everything except Psychabilly and Christian Rock9
kodreamRobin Kramerrhumba Black Sabbath1
komiVit KomendaDetroit Style Techno3
kozalussMateusz Kozicki (Kozaki Soft)Electronic Electronic, Gothic, Games OSTs, some Pop6
KrimZonDavid J LaurieStuff Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Folk, Rock2
LarsHaAuthor of the Funkyverb machine.1
LarsHaKaAuthor of the rIDMa machine.1
ld0dLauri Koponenmisc. trance20
Lee DragonAuthor of the DeClicker machine.1
LipidAuthor of the It Loader machine.1
LnBAuthor of the PeerTrigger machine.1
Lost_BitSeliverstov NikolayLight Ambient Vidna Obmana - The River of Appearance2
LysergiaAuthor of the Gapper machine.1
MadbrainHubert Lamontagne7
MadTrackZA.SnelHarder styles1
MagicfishAuthor of the IT Sample Loader machine.1
majglowCarl Lerche1
MAKKAuthor of the M3 machine.4
mankeliMarkus Pyykk?dunno all good music1
mantratronicRonan O'Ceallaigh2
MarCMark CollierMetal / industrial / rock / electronic Metal!2
MarcAlvarezAuthor of the Pitch Wizard machine.2
MimoAuthor of the MidiGen machine.4
MorexMorexAll genres of dance Hard dance2
MuonAuthor of the Delay machine.3
NinereedsAuthor of the Autofade machine.15
ohmJacob Carstensmellow IDM wagon christ, matmos, elph, autechre1
OomekRadoslaw DutkiewiczTo many to write here3
P.DooMAuthor of the HACK Jump machine.2
PaniqAuthor of the Plutonium machine.3
PoopLogAuthor of the Pwm synth machine.2
Psi_CorpAuthor of the Drum 2 machine.6
QuenceAuthor of the PyBuzz machine.1
qwertySlimedpsycospastic trance country and western5
rDev-SoftwareAuthor of the AutoGain machine.3
rnRrnR T.A.D. 7DAAY-3-8910 chip music AY-3-8910 chip music1
RnZnAnFnCnRAuthor of the VST Effect Adapter machine.2
RnZnAnFnCnRnLAuthor of the Vst Effects Adapter machine.2
RnZnAnFnRAuthor of the VST Instrument Adapter machine.1
RoutAuthor of the 808 machine.7
ruffruffTrip-Hop, Industrial, IDM Waltari, Depeche Mode, Coil, Recoil, Orbital4
RukawaThor AsmundUnderworld, Yes, Joachim Michaelis,1
rymixMark Turnertrance, d&b, breakbeat, film score Sunscreem, Peter Gabriel, BT, Enya, Cyndi Lauper, New Order, PVD, Hybrid, Binary Finary, Phil Collins5
RZAFAuthor of the Vst Adapter machine.3
ScoofsterAuthor of the SV Filter machine.1
SgorpiHedde Bosmanhardcore, breakcore, hiphop, experimental, d&b hardcore, drum&bass, breakcore, techno, metal, experimental, just bout all3
ShamanixGaborGoa/Psy/Acid Goa/Psy/Acid/Tribal/Ambient/DnB1
SmartelectronixAuthor of the Tubescreamer machine.1
SonicTimeworksMichael Olsen1
spyralAuthor of the BuzzInAMovie machine.1
sqzAuthor of the EZ Peacefilter machine.1
StaticAuthor of the DualFilt II machine.5
SuperDonutAuthor of the Superdrumz machine.1
surfsmurfCarsten S?rensen!top 401
SynopiaAuthor of the 3Dizer machine.3
SynthromAuthor of the Sinus machine.1
SzudiSzymon Szuchajanew age, ambient, progresive5
THC_FlatlineAuthor of the 8 Tap Stereo Delay machine.4
the_viirusadammine n/a2
Tic-TacShutUpAuthor of the aBuffer machine.1
usrulf schreibersad looping clickloops??? oh, and not to forget, sometimes nothing at all clicks&cuts, lado(mat) stuff, some more general house, some beck_rem_pulp etc from my pre-tronics time, recently ladytron, DAT politics, Ming, Sutekh1
VinjeAuthor of the Delay machine.3
WDEIlkka Syrjälä1
WhitenoiseAuthor of the 4p04 machine.33
WireheadAuthor of the JoyPlug machine.1
YnznAuthor of the 3Dizer machine.11
ZephodStijn Kuipersacid DnB bigbeat Infected Mushroom, Ott52
Zephod_and_ThevAuthor of the The Sines machine.3
zwarHolger Zwar21