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The big pack system is still in beta, so certain machines will be misplaced. Use this at your own risk. However, it might still be a fast way to get Buzz up and running.

  • Recommended machines   (selection by Joachim)
    These are machines that I consider essential in a general Buzz installation.

  • User friendly machines   (selection by Joachim)
    These are machines that I think are easy to understand. If you're new to Buzz and/or music production in general, get these.

  • Mastering   (selection by Joachim)
    The process of mastering (preparing an album for release to a specific target medium and audience) can in theory be done in Buzz.

  • Advanced   (selection by Joachim)
    Machines that are complex and possibly difficult to understand, but may be worth it if you like to experiment.

  • Unstable   (selection by Joachim)
    Do not have these machines in your Gear folder. They will make Buzz unstable even if you don't use them.