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automaton's "Parametric EQ"

Machine info
Create date11 Dec 2000
NameParametric EQ
DescriptionEqualizer: Parametric Equalizer.
Host typeBuzz
Machine typeEffect
Sub typeEqualizer
Inputs / outputs2 out2 out
Additional info
BuzzWiki articleParametric EQ
Real nameJon Pak
Where fromAustralia
User descriptionDrum'n'bass, idm, ambient, triphop

all things electronic

Download any version of automaton's "Parametric EQ" here
1.112 Dec 2000Parametric EQ. This is the new version of 1.1. There are some bugs removed.
1.112 Dec 2000Parametric equalizer.
1.011 Dec 2000Parametric Equalizer.