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IX's "Accumulator"

Machine info
Create date02 Nov 2008
DescriptionPeer controller: This machine is a trigger style peer controller, mostly intended for adding controllable pseudo-random texture to parameters but you can send fixed values too. Pseudo random? Each track has it's own independent pseudo-random number generator which will happily spit out seemingly random values all day long. The values are not truly random however but are generated from a seed value, and for a given seed the number sequence will always be the same. You can control the generator's state with various commands that allow you to do things like re-seed the generator or rewind the number sequence to it's start point. When you add a track, the new track's generator is seeded with the current time.
Host typeBuzz
Machine typeControl
Sub typePeer controller
Inputs / outputs2 out2 out
Additional info
BuzzWiki articleAccumulator
Where fromUnited Kingdom

Download any version of IX's "Accumulator" here
32 bit
22 Apr 2011Version 1.5 adds Buzz template/copy/paste support, extra track modes and changes to assignment handling.
32 bit
30 May 2010Version 1.4 adds Pattern XP recording plus improvements to the status window.
32 bit
13 Apr 2010Version 1.3 fixed some minor bugs apparently but I'd have to dig deep to find out what they were.
32 bit
08 May 2009Stuff. Not sure what exactly but it's definitely better than the previous version.
32 bit
02 Nov 2008Trigger style peer controller with trigger threshold, or in other words "every nineteenth time I'm triggered, set the cutoff on that machine to a random value* "

Read the exceptionally detailed documentation to find out what's what.

* but not so random that the song sounds different every time**
** unless that's what you want

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