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Joachim's "BattleComp Vintage"

Machine info
Create date21 Oct 2010
NameBattleComp Vintage
DescriptionCompressor: The BattleComp Vintage consists of a compressor with sidechain highpass filter and EQ, tube emulation and soft-clipping circuit, all in one VST plugin. Made for both per-channel and master signal compression, it gives a simple way to beef up your tracks, if they are not loud enough.
Host typeVST
Machine typeEffect
Sub typeCompressor
Inputs / outputs2 out2 out
Additional info
BuzzWiki articleBattleComp Vintage
Real nameJoachim Michaelis
Where fromDenmark
User descriptionAfro-inspired dub, house and techno

strange foreign stuff, progressive house, techno, ambient

Download any version of Joachim's "BattleComp Vintage" here
1.308 Jan 2012Output volume no longer changes slightly when switching between output limiter modes. "Big" frequency range changed to 15-500 Hz.
1.029 May 2011Proper read-outs.

Screen shot