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Joachim's "Compressor"

Machine info
Create date11 Dec 2000
DescriptionCompressor: Compressor effect
Host typeBuzz
Machine typeEffect
Sub typeCompressor
Inputs / outputs2 out2 out
Additional info
BuzzWiki articleCompressor
Real nameJoachim Michaelis
Where fromDenmark
User descriptionAfro-inspired dub, house and techno

strange foreign stuff, progressive house, techno, ambient

Download any version of Joachim's "Compressor" here
408 Oct 2009Finally a follow-up to the old classic "Joachims Compressor". This version works just like the old one except that the algorithm sounds far better and there's an extra attribute to prevent pumping when the bass kicks in. Thanks to Zephod for adding a graphics display.
311 Dec 2000Compressor effect
Joachims Compressor.dll

Screen shot