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Polac's "VST(i) Loaders"

Machine info
Create date23 Apr 2003
NameVST(i) Loaders
DescriptionThis plugin is what adds VST and ASIO support to Jeskola Buzz, that is, being able to load VST instruments and effects into Buzz, as well as using soundcards with multiple inputs and outputs. Version 1.1 has a lot of new functions build in like support for Support for multitimbral VST. This is the x86 version.
See also
Host typeBuzz
Machine typeUtility
Sub typeOther
Inputs / outputs2 out2 out
Additional info
BuzzWiki articleVST(i) Loaders
Where fromGermany

Download any version of Polac's "VST(i) Loaders" here
32 bit
29 Mar 2019b31:
* bugfix polac asio waveout

* sequence/pattern save implemented

* shell vsts support now instruments and effects in one dll
* bugfix when loading bridged plugins
* buzz wrapper: load/save xml file formatted presets
32 bit
27 May 2004

These loaders can load VST instruments/effects, DX Plug-ins and buzzmachines into Buzz.
Polac MIDI In.dll
32 bit
20 Jun 2003These VST loaders can load VST instruments and effects into Buzz. Version 1.1 has a lot of new functions build in like support for Support for multitimbral VST. This new version should work flawlessy with with Jeskola Mixer and other mixer machines now. There is also a bug fixed which was causing some trouble with a couple Synthedit VSTs.
Polac MIDI In.dll
32 bit
25 Dec 2014- bugfix tremolo/panmod
- per-plugin option for async automation, helps if you get freezes while recording your gui tweaks
- new track command 17: param value slope, <0x8000 does log,0x8000 does linear,>0x8000 does exp
- new global option: send All Notes Off on Stop()
32 bit
28 Jan 2012- x64 loader versions
- x64 bridgeing
- vst3 shell updated to 3.50
- wo_wdm.dll: WaveRT devices should work now
32 bit
14 Jan 2012b16:
- new waveout drivers(wo_mme.dll/wo_ds.dll/wo_wdm.dll/wo_null.dll)


- bugfix wrong time information sent to vst if pxp was active and rpb!=tpb
- pasio: midi-out improvements

- asio bugfixes
- asio settings are now saved per asio device

- bugfixes

- asio optimizations, async modes should work better now
- midi send bugfix if midifiltering is enabled in Buzz

- bugfixes

- run vst in a separate process(aka vst bridging)
- vst3 wrapper(alpha)
- midivst: midi clock/mtc/mmc out
- relative midi cc/nrpn modes
- new asio waveout with more options
- undo manager(disabled by default)
- new Matilde/FT2 style track commands, see pvst docs for infos
- midi send directly to all machines

- mediavst options/bugfixes
- new per-plugin setting: override delay, useful if a plugin does not report its delay properly
- new "stop process" option: "restart if editor is visible". if enabled a plugin still gets processed if the vst editor is opened, this should fix the kontakt 4 problems for example

- added mediavst.dll to use directshow decoders(alpha), e.g. this can be used as a videoplayer vst
- the sse option for oversampler now as global setting
- bugfixes

- option to enable/disable the new multi-io feature
- bugfix midibus

- rpn/nrpn support
- sysex(in and out), out requires the new asio waveout, receive sysex via midi-in machine
- record to wavetable
- oversampling engine(gets active by holding ctrl while loading or via preferences)
- find preset dialog
- using the new multi-io features of buzz
- new asio in/out machines also with new multi-io
- pxp recording(crippled)
- bugfixes and other stuff i'm too lazy to write down
32 bit
12 Jan 2009New features and bugfixes: option to skip a hanging plugin while vst scanning, bugfix: some plugins did not initialize properly on song load, bugfix: problems with 'sync to host' vsts if 'accurate bpm' mode was enabled in buzz, bugfix: possible note hangs on incoming sustain events(cc64).
32 bit
21 Dec 2008What`s new on this release: ladspa wrapper included (works also in other vst hosts supporting shell plugin), psycle wrapper included, new midibus machine included (new buzz binaries only for now), new track command to make use of psycle note commands(track command 0x11), new note delay command called 'tick affinity', can be used as per tick quantize, preferences: added option to enable/disable the F11 window hide hack, some editor improvements, the vst guis won't be closed now if you switch between the editor views, new midi bind features: it's possible to bind track parameters also to key tracking,key toggle and program change toggle, vst parameter view: doubleclick param label to open a finetune dialog, buzz wrapper: .prs manager/export features, buzz wrapper: option to display the machine help if available, buzz wrapper: better use of generators without note input (trigger-based machines), buzz wrapper: option to switch between realtime/per-tick param update mode, per-tick should be more compatible, buzz wrapper: additional shortcuts/hotkeys, bugfix: Sonic Charge Synplant did crash on closing gui, bugfix: older waveshell versions(<=4.0) should be usable again.
32 bit
03 Aug 2008New features on this release: more compatible to new buzz versions, new track command: Automation Delay(10), option to restore previously open editors after loading a song, vst scanning overhauled, option to disable vst autoscanning on buzz startup, dry/wet fader mode: % or dB selectable, added new machine: 'Polac Vst Control' to control certain pvst instances at the same time, fixed: dx scanning was able to crash buzz on startup, fixed: messed up menus due to some menuitem id overlaps, fixed: some reaper plugins did crash(reaplugs), fixed: amplitube2 incompatibility.
32 bit
31 Jan 2008Released already back in 2006, but wasn't available yet on New: vst2.4 compatibility, fixed: some dialogs did not display properly depending on the display settings in windows, fixed: global command 'trigger seq' was broken. More information on Polac
32 bit
05 Apr 2005These loaders can load VST instruments/effects, DX Plug-ins and buzzmachines into Buzz. This new version features the abillity to load winamp input plugins and loads the visual plugins from Sonique player.
Polac MIDI Bus.dll
32 bit
23 Apr 2003These VST loaders can load VST instruments and effects into Buzz. Version 1.1 has a lot of new functions build in like support for Support for multitimbral VST
Polac MIDI In.dll

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