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Bigyo's "Parametric EQ Lin"

Machine info
Create date28 Dec 2016
NameParametric EQ Lin
DescriptionParametric linear phase EQ: Parametric Equalizer with inertia support. Add more tracks to get more bands.

Make sure you have enabled MachineDelayCompensation in buzz settings, so latency isn't a problem anymore. Low frequency equalization requires long filter lengths. If it's 5ms then it won't work for frequencies lower than 200 Hz.
Host typeBuzz
Machine typeEffect
Sub typeEqualizer
Inputs / outputs2 out2 out
Additional info
BuzzWiki articleParametric EQ Lin
User descriptionAuthor of the 2p Filter machine.

Download any version of Bigyo's "Parametric EQ Lin" here
32 bit
19 Feb 2017updated, increased minTracks to 4.
32 bit
28 Dec 2016I managed to add graph to linear-phase ParamEQLin. It still needs some work but it may come in handy now. ParamEQ is also updated, I have improved frequency/q pre-warping so the filter works better near the Nyquist frequency.

Screen shot