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Joachim's "Enceladus Tube EQ"

Machine info
Create date07 Oct 2017
NameEnceladus Tube EQ
DescriptionTube-like sounding parametric equalizer with three bands. Each band has both the classic adjustments: Boost/cut, frequency and bandwidth, and on top of those, there's also a "mode" and a "drive" parameter.

When "drive" is set to 0% it behaves like most other digital EQs. But as soon as drive is above zero, the "Mode" has an effect and controls how the harmonics of the boost will be. It works slightly weird for cutting, so when ducking (boosting by a negative amount) please set Drive to 0% or you will get some fairly odd results.

Also, when you increase the amount of boost, you may have to decrease the amount of drive, or vice versa.

Boosting in a more rich and beefy way is the main purpose of this plugin.
Host typeBuzz
Machine typeEffect
Sub typeEqualizer
Inputs / outputs2 out2 out
Additional info
BuzzWiki articleEnceladus Tube EQ
Real nameJoachim Michaelis
Where fromDenmark
User descriptionAfro-inspired dub, house and techno

strange foreign stuff, progressive house, techno, ambient

Download any version of Joachim's "Enceladus Tube EQ" here
32 bit
09 Dec 2017Added a new tube mode which is slightly less harsh and wild than the current "tube" mode which is now called "Tubes II".

Also, harmonics added by the bass bands (top most bands) should no longer be re-boosted by the treble (lower) bands.
32 bit
07 Nov 2017This time I really think I nailed that strange init bug by changing some syntactical C++ mumbo jumbo mistakes.
32 bit
30 Oct 2017Fixed potential bug when inserting a new instance of this machine.
32 bit
07 Oct 2017First version

Screen shot