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Machine info
Create date03 Jan 2019
DescriptionDAW Control is a machine that allows you to bind some Buzz functionalities (Play, Stop, Record etc.) to your favorite Midi device. I needed something like this so maybe you find it useful.

It supports "note events" and Midi control messages. Currently it triggers only when value 127 is received.
Host typeBuzz
Machine typeControl
Sub typeOther
Inputs / outputs0 out0 out
Additional info
BuzzWiki articleDAW CTRL
Real nameIlkka Syrjälä
Where fromFinland

Download any version of WDE's "DAW CTRL" here
0.220 Jan 2019Changes how the bindings are handled in the code. You need to re-bind controls in your saved song. Sorry!
Things you can control from your Midi controller in Buzz:

* Play
* Stop
* Record
* Forward
* Rewind
* Goto Beginning
* Loop Enabled
* Increase Speed
* Decrease Speed
* Solo Machine

Changing speed does not update Buzz UI for some reason.
0.103 Jan 2019First release

Screen shot