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IX's "Magic"

Machine info
Create date17 May 2020
DescriptionA peer/MIDI event sequencer, whatever that is. It's good, go with it. Feed it notes to make cool stuff happen.

In the main dialog you can define Pages, Sequences, Steps and Events and what not. Each "Page" is the top level object which contains "Sequences", which contain "Steps", which contain "Events". The "Events" make cool stuff happen.

You should definitely read the manual. Really. No, really. I really mean it. I do. Honest. Please?
Host typeBuzz
Machine typeControl
Sub typeOther
Inputs / outputs0 out0 out
Additional info
BuzzWiki articleMagic
Where fromUnited Kingdom

Download any version of IX's "Magic" here
1.1630 Oct 20221.16c
+ Fixed potential crash caused by Reset events

+ Fixed source event dropdown in Step dialog not updating properly if a single Step was selected.
+ Fixed Peer Event values discarding octave numbers (broken by 1.16a).

IX Magic 1.16a x64
+ Fixed x64 memory corruption issues.
+ Fixed saving song data when an instance of Magic has been deleted.
+ Fixed handling of sharps and flats in Peer Event values.
+ Fixed broken note-offs in Peer Event values.
+ Improved behaviour when Event accumulator text is changed during playback (try to avoid resetting counters where possible.)
+ Machine version 1.16a, file version 14

+ Improved value parser - better input validation, bad values highlighted in red.
+ Allow complex values for delay times (see documentation)
+ Improved/extended peer/MIDI value syntax
+- new ping-pong/wrap modes
+- additional range specifiers for velocity/random modes
+- new %% value specifier
+ Assorted minor bugfixes that I can't quite remember
+ Machine version 1.16, file version 14
1.1530 Oct 20221.15d
+ Fixed crash when creating machine and not loading from file
+ Minor dialog fixes
+ Machine version 1.15d, file version 12

+ Fixed crash when multiple instances attempt to retrieve list of active machines.
+ Improved peer thread safety
+ Machine version 1.15c, file version 12

+ Fixed dialog refresh blocking audio
+ Machine version 1.15b, file version 12

+ Fixed 'o' in chord name being seen as note-off
+ Fixed octave number display for note values in Peer value fields
+ Machine version 1.15a, file version 12

+ Added Test/Reset/Enable controls for Page load events.
+ Fixed note-cut for Page load events.
+ Allow fractional values for Page load event delay/cut.
+ Improved status bar text for Sequences and Steps.
+ Display Event accumulator state in control label.
+ Event accumulator threshold is now included in calculation when Event is used as source for Step repeats.
+ Added random seed options to various context menus.
+ Added 'true random' mode for all randomisable things.
+ Various bugfixes
+ Updated documentation.
+ Added a Page load event to the demo bmx (randomises the BPM :D)
+ Machine version 1.15, file version 12
1.1431 Jul 2020* Added x64 version
* Prevent (hopefully) possible multithreading file corruption
* Added new note-cut modes for Peer/MIDI Note Events (see documentation)
* Added version info to Help menu
* Updated docs
* Machine version 1.14, file version 11
1.1231 May 20201.12e - Fixed a fairly serious bug.
1.1217 May 20201.12d - First version made available to this site.

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