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IX's "Magic"

Machine info
Create date17 May 2020
DescriptionA peer/MIDI event sequencer, whatever that is. It's good, go with it. Feed it notes to make cool stuff happen. In the main dialog you can define Pages, Sequences, Steps and Events and what not. Each "page" is the top level object which contains "sequences". By changing the active "page" you can trigger exciting Page Load Events. You can define multiple pages but only one can be active at a time. Each "sequence" is a collection of "steps".
Host typeBuzz
Machine typeControl
Sub typeOther
Inputs / outputs0 out0 out
Additional info
BuzzWiki articleMagic
Where fromUnited Kingdom

Download any version of IX's "Magic" here
1.1431 Jul 2020* Added x64 version
* Prevent (hopefully) possible multithreading file corruption
* Added new note-cut modes for Peer/MIDI Note Events (see documentation)
* Added version info to Help menu
* Updated docs
* Machine version 1.14, file version 11
1.1231 May 20201.12e - Fixed a fairly serious bug.
1.1217 May 20201.12d - First version made available to this site.

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