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WDE's "ModernSeq"

Machine info
Create date01 Nov 2020
DescriptionModernized sequence editor that appears in a separate window, which may be quite useful for people using two monitors. Combined with EnvBlock, this allows drawing automation curves for generators and effects, both Buzz and VST.
Host typeBuzz
Machine typeControl
Sub typeOther
Inputs / outputs0 out0 out
Additional info
BuzzWiki articleModernSeq
Real nameIlkka Syrjälä
Where fromFinland

Download any version of WDE's "ModernSeq" here
32 bit
10 Sep 2022Patterns are now sorted correctly like in classic Buzz, meaning that pressing "0" in the song overview will give you the first pattern, "1" for the second pattern, "2" for the third one and so on.
32 bit
11 May 2022Fixed: Tempo change doesn't recalculate grid resolution. Creating automation with snapping could be problematic.

Fixed: Shortcut for move track left and right is described as ctrl+up and ctrl+down.

Fixed: Sometimes it's hard to edit pattern length with 'Ctrl'. A little bigger 'box' to grab could be better.

Some improvements: Stuff is redrawn when song is stopped to avoid clicks. There are still some issues with the grid if you use the pattern window to snap points but I don't have time to look into it. Use MSE view to edit env points. Disabling the wave view altogether in AB pattern window would make things much simpler.

Fixed: Max value for volume in 0db mode is -1 and for +6db is +5. dB is signed as bB.

Fixed: Sometimes it's hard to edit first and last point in automation. A little bigger 'box' to grab could be better.

Fixed: Deleting automation points with 'Shift' key is causing pop up error window.
32 bit
23 May 2021"Some changes" among other making the EnvBlock part work again.
32 bit
07 May 2021* Fixes
* New feature: click and hold drags a sequence event. Click and hold then Ctrl clones a sequence event.
* Resizing should be done in pattern editor.
32 bit
01 Nov 2020First version made available to this site. Stability and functionality verified.

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