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Zephod's "FV1"

Machine info
Create date05 Nov 2022
DescriptionA Buzz implementation of the Spin Semiconductor FV-1 chip, which is a complete reverb and multi effect solution in a single IC.

The FV-1 can access a total of 16 programs, 8 are built in to the internal ROM and the designer may elect to connect a serial EEPROM with 8 additional programs. With 3 potentiometer inputs, programs may have real time variable parameters such as decay time in a reverb, rate and depth in a chorus or frequency in a filter. These inputs are available as coefficients to your program and may be used independently of each other.
Host typeBuzz
Machine typeEffect
Sub typeMulti
Inputs / outputs2 out2 out
Additional info
BuzzWiki articleFV1
Real nameStijn Kuipers
Where fromNetherlands
User descriptionAcid DnB bigbeat

Infected Mushroom, Ott

Download any version of Zephod's "FV1" here
32 bit
05 Nov 2022Second version uploaded.
32 bit
05 Oct 2022First version uploaded. This one runs at whatever sample rate Buzz runs at, whereas the original chip is supposed to run at 32 khz, so certain programs may sound strange depending on your sample rate.

Screen shot