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Fuzzpilz's "Cheese of the Week"

Machine info
Create date05 Apr 2023
NameCheese of the Week
DescriptionCheese of the Week is a somewhat oversized 4-oscillator wavetable/PM synth. It's not that good, to be honest.

- 4 wavetable oscillators able to use any of 29 built-in and 8 custom waveforms, with the ability to phase modulate and sync to one another in a variety of ways. 1 noise source.
- 3 filters with 10 different modes.
- 2 mod envelopes. Custom envelope shapes or AHDDSR parameters.
- 2 LFOs, plus one LFO dedicated to vibrato. 11 built in LFO shapes, 4 custom.
- Crappy unison.
- MIDI input.
Host typeBuzz
Machine typeGenerator
Sub typeSubtractive synth
Inputs / outputs0 out1 out
Additional info
BuzzWiki articleCheese of the Week
Real nameJakob Katz
Where fromGermany

Download any version of Fuzzpilz's "Cheese of the Week" here
32 bit
10 Jul 2005First version uploaded to buzz machines site.

Screen shot