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Joachim's "Libsndfile-1.dll Hack"

Machine info
Create date05 Feb 2017
NameLibsndfile-1.dll Hack
DescriptionThe official version off Buzz will often load samples with root note C-0 (wrong) and a loop enabled which spans the entire waveform.

This replacement for libsndfile-1.dll will cause samples to be loaded as root note C-4 without loop.
Host typeBuzz
Machine typeUtility
Sub typeOther
Inputs / outputs0 out0 out
Additional info
BuzzWiki articleLibsndfile-1.dll Hack
Real nameJoachim Michaelis
Where fromDenmark
User descriptionAfro-inspired dub, house and techno

strange foreign stuff, progressive house, techno, ambient

Download any version of Joachim's "Libsndfile-1.dll Hack" here
Not specified
02 May 2017

Screen shot