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Name Type Create date Description Username
Numbird other effect 08 Dec 2003 Experimental distortion: This is an experimental effect for distortion / delay / sample&hold / phase shifting kind of effects. It can be very shrill & glitchy. Nice for drums. 2ndProcess
Dirtyfier distortion effect 31 Jan 2002 Distortion: Multiple types of very digitally sounding distortions, ranging from slight fuzz to complete destroyment :) ...and the best thing: you can play notes on it! 2ndProcess
XMix mixer effect 03 Dec 2001 Mixer: This is an improved version of the SMix. It has inertia (which solves the clicking problem and more:), machine names in the parameter view, 2 AuxBus sends & expanded gain range. 2ndProcess
IGroove other generator 12 Nov 2001 Shuffle: Replacement for MGroove. Some new features and fixes like bigger echo timetable, random, etc. 2ndProcess
Smix mixer effect 12 Nov 2001 Mixer: A CPU-friendly stereo mixer. 2ndProcess
MGroove other generator 26 Oct 2001 Shuffle: This machine shuffles/swings a song by dynamically changing BPM. 2ndProcess
LoopJumpHACK other generator 19 Sep 2001 Song jumper: This is an advanced version of P.DOOM's HACKJump. 2ndProcess

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