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Name Type Create date Description Username
XY Controller peer controller control 05 Sep 2003 Controller: Machine silder controller through a dot on a XY axe. Be very careful, dot may jump > risky with resonance etc! 7900
Pearl Drum drum machine generator 02 Sep 2002 Drummachine: This drummachine contains samples of real Pearl rock drums. It has tuning, pan, delay, reverse & retrigger features per sample. 7900
ECB48 drum machine generator 28 Jun 2002 Drummachine: This drummachine emulates the rhythm section of the Elgam Grazy Band 48. It has a global tuning slider too. Demo song included. 7900
Osc other effect 14 Jan 2001 Amplitude modulation: Amplitude Modulation effect. This is the first machine for Buzz made by 7900. It has good documantation too. 7900

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