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mixIO mixer effect 05 Mar 2012 Mixer using the new multi-IO capability of Buzz. This mixer has many metering modes, keyboard shortcuts, volume, panning and stereo width controls. Graphics design by KUEN. Antonio
RenderToDiskFast other waveout 29 Jan 2011 Waveoutput driver: WaveOutput Driver - Render To Disk Fast This is a silent output driver that does not sleep. It writes out your track as fast as possible (using the built in buzz harddisk recorder). It comes with adjustable samplerate (config button.) Installation: 1. Copy into "WaveOutput" directory of Buzz, NOT INTO GEAR FOLDER! 2. Select "Render To Disk Fast" in Preferences / WaveOutput / Driver (or the new Audio Driver dropdown) 3. Use the "config" button to select samplerate. 4. Use Buzz's built-in harddisk recorder to record your track as usual, it should be much faster than realtime. Source is included in the zip. Disclaimer: - Tested on Buzz 1304 - No idea if it works on Old Buzz Antonio
tonIO other effect 02 Mar 2010 Patchbay: This is a minimalist's patchbay that uses Buzz's new multi-io capabilities. There are 16 inputs and 16 outputs. By default, the mapping is defined as following: IN 0 -> OUT 0 IN 1 -> OUT 1 IN 2 -> OUT 2 etc. You can change the in/out mapping in the parameter view. It is possible to send one input to multiple outputs or multiple inputs to one output and so on. Pretty much every use case should be covered. People will probably find better use cases than the examples i can think of right now, such as: - Simple input / output switcher, easily accessible trough the right click menu of connection plugs. - Tidy up your machine view. - Making up groups of inputs outputs for send / receive setups. - ??? The source is bundled in the zip. Antonio

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