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Name Type Create date Description Username
Noise Generator XP noise generator 27 Sep 2002 Noise generator: Noise generator :) Apo
Cheapo Amp gain effect 26 Sep 2002 Gain: Very configurable mono/stereo gain with both a logaritmic and a linear slider. Apo
Clipper distortion effect 26 Sep 2002 Clipper: Simple clipper. Apo
Dc other effect 26 Sep 2002 Dc analyser: Analyses the signal and calculates dc offset and suggests a value. Apo
Do Nothing do-nothing effect 26 Sep 2002 Do nothing: Does nothing, accepts stereo / mono input and changes output mode. Apo
Fixer other effect 26 Sep 2002 Fixer: *Obsoleted by cheapo fixer pro* Apo
Fixer Pro other effect 26 Sep 2002 Fixer: Replaces all samples in the signal which are below Threshold with whitenoise. This is useful as some machines cannot process 0 valued samples in the signal and this causes them to use excessive amounts of cpu due floating point errors. Can be used as a distortion machine too. Apo
Negative gain effect 26 Sep 2002 Negative: Multiply the in coming signal with a positive or a negative value. Value range between -1.0 and 1.0 . Apo
Spread pan & stereo effect 26 Sep 2002 Stereo spread: This effect wides the stereo image of a sound. Apo
Statistics other effect 26 Sep 2002 Statistics: This effect gives all kind of statistics of your sound. Apo
Stereo X-fade other effect 26 Sep 2002 Fade: Controls the position of left and right channel in stereo image. Inertia control allows sweeps from one side to the other. Apo
Stimulation other effect 26 Sep 2002 Exciter: Simple to use but very effective exciter. Apo

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