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Name Type Create date Description Username
PeerScale other control 13 Apr 2020 Scale tool peer controller. BTDSys
LiveJumpHACK other control 17 Oct 2004 Generator / song position tool / no output: LiveJumpHACK lets you jump to any song position assigned to specific keys on your MIDI or computer keyboard. Similiar in function, but not identical to, performance tools like Ableton Live. BTDSys
Pulsar granular generator 17 Oct 2004 Granular synthesis: Pulsar implements Pulsar Synthesis, which is a variant of granular synthesis. It is equally suited to generating both rhythmic and tonal sounds, depending on the parameters used. An effect version is also included. BTDSys
SeqStep other control 09 May 2004 Sequence editor step saver: Saves the Step setting in the Sequence Editor along with your file. Also it allows you to program automatic changes of the step value and automatic scrolling of the Sequence Editor view. This is useful if you make a habit of working with strange time signatures or high TPB values. BTDSys
PeerState peer controller control 23 Dec 2003 Parameter snapshots: PeerState allows "snapshots" of the parameter states of machines to be captured and restored easily. You can switch between up to 128 sets of stored parameter values for several machines at once, with only a couple of mouse clicks, one entry in the pattern editor, or one press of a MIDI key. BTDSys
PeerCtrl peer controller control 25 Nov 2002 Control machine: PeerCtrl is a general purpose control machine. It allows you to: Group parameters from several machines into one machine, Access parameters which normally may not fit on the screen, Control parameters with inertia, even where the target machine does not normally allow this, Assign non-linear mappings of slider to control value & Use a Doepfer Pocket Dial or pitchbend wheel to control Buzz parameters. BTDSys
SampleGrid sample player generator 25 Nov 2002 Sample player: SampleGrid is a sample player designed especially for rhythm programming. Its main feature is a "grid" of triggers kept together in the pattern view. It also features AuxBus support, for multiple outputs. This machine has some cool midi featrues too! BTDSys
PeerADSR peer controller control 18 Oct 2002 Envelope control: A triggerable envelope generator used to control other machines. BTDSys
RingMod other effect 18 Oct 2002 Ring modulator: A simple ring modulator (multiplies together its input signals). BTDSys
PeerChord peer controller control 16 Aug 2002 Chord & arpeggio: Chord and Arpeggio player used to control other Buzz machines. BTDSys
PeerEnv other effect 16 Aug 2002 Envelope follower: An envelope follower which can be used to control any parameter. BTDSys
Peer LFO peer controller control 24 Jul 2002 Lfo: An LFO which can be used to control any parameter of any other machine. BTDSys
Stutter sample player generator 13 Jun 2002 Looper: A looping wave player where the start and end points of the loop can be changed on the fly. BTDSys

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