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Name Type Create date Description Username
HdPlayer other generator 16 May 2001 Wave player: Plays Big stereo .wav files right from the harddisk. This is very cool for songs with big .wav files in it. Read the included txt for more info. Climox
Wacko T-1 drum machine generator 01 Dec 2000 Drummachine: A DrumMachine with 70/80s type sound (think tr-606 / cr-8000). This is an improved version of the Wackodrums. Climox
313 other generator 30 Nov 2000 303 bassline: Roland 303 Emulator Climox
WackoDrums drum machine generator 30 Nov 2000 Drummachine: Analogue Drumamachine Climox
Breaker other generator 27 Nov 2000 Breakbeat chopper: This generator can chop breakbeats into different parts. Climox

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