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Phatbuzz other effect 13 Mar 2006 Mastering: A Mastering tool for adding some nice phat bass to your tune without clipping. Low on CPU! Bug: This effect is silent at 96 kHz sample rate. DocBexter
Buzz Rizer compressor effect 02 Jul 2004 Mastering: it is completely rewritten and finally does what i wanted it to do in the first version - uses less cpu too ;) DocBexter
BuzzRizer other effect 29 Sep 2002 Mastering: Very nice compressor / distortion effect to post process your tracks from within Buzz. DocBexter
NN1 distortion effect 05 Jul 2002 Distortion: Kind of Neural Network distortion effect. DocBexter
Phase phaser effect 05 Jul 2002 Phaser: Simple but effective phaser effect. DocBexter

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