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Name Type Create date Description Username
Pampurfe distortion effect 13 Jun 2002 Distortion: This distortion is not just a regular distortion. There are 10 different overdrive algorithms are available, it has a special gain compensation function and a 8-pole low-pass filter with a variable slope. FireSledge
ParamEQ equalizer effect 07 Jun 2002 Parametric eq: This effect is a multiband parametric equalizer. Each band can be a peak, a notch or a shelf in the frequency spectrum. Very usefull for mastering. FireSledge
RectalAnarchy synth generator 07 Jan 2001 Synth: It is a simple polyphonic synthetizer based on human voice sounds. FireSledge
Antiope-1 other effect 07 Dec 2000 Tone alterator: Tone Alterator effect FireSledge

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