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PitchWizard pitch effect 06 Sep 2015 PitchWizard by Marc Alvarez. So what can do this machine for you? Here's a short list of what features you can manage with it: Many old generators couldn't manage the new pitch wheel MIDI messages. Plug in your MIDI keyboard to your computer, connect the Pitch Wizard after a generator, set up the same midi channel for both generator and Pitch Wizard, set the PW amplitude, play and enjoy! A) Tired of sung or speech samples that you can't transpose without getting a Mickey mouse's or Dark Vador's voice? Select the Formant process in the Pitch Wizard tracks and transpose them as you wish (don't expect more than 1 octave up and down: some things still remain utopia) B) Do you feel lazy and have a great CPU : make your chords dynamically by adding tracks to the Pitch Wizard and setting the relative transpositions on each track. One key pressed, a chord out of your speakers. C) Do you want to apply different effects to each Pitch Wizard track (delay on the higher chord partial, vibrato on the lower, etc etc): select an AuxBus channel for each track and connect the desired effects after the AuxReturn machines. D) Tired of recurrent pad presets : connect Pitch Wizard after a generator, set up the length of scaling slides and tweak it, you'll getting more evolutive pads with moving partials. MarcAlvarez
Pitch Wizard other effect 04 Aug 2003 Pitch: The name of this effect says enough: this is a pitch effect which supports midi pitch wheel messages! This is a beta effect, please report bugs to the author. MarcAlvarez

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