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MiXo X mixer effect 12 Apr 2004 Mixer: This mixer effect combines all mixer machines in one window. Use your keyboard to control multiple inputs at the same time. This mixer also supports different keyboard layouts. Slider movements can be recorded in Buzz (mixer automation), One Keyset can be assigned to multiple tracks (group mixing) and there is input monitoring. For more information check the included help file. Mimo
MiXo mixer effect 16 May 2001 Mixer: Cool mixer with keyboard controls. You can also adjust a lot of things and it uses less Cpu. Mimo
MidiGen other generator 23 Apr 2001 Midi tracker: Use this Generator in combination with the Mimo MidiOut effect to control your midi synths or control your soundcards midi-sounds. Mimo
MidiOut other effect 23 Apr 2001 Midi out: Use this effect in combination with the Mimo MidiGen to control you midi gear. Read the included manual for more information. Mimo

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