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Name Type Create date Description Username
Kraft distortion effect 06 Dec 2000 Distortion: Distortion effect Psi Corp
Kraft 2 distortion effect 04 Dec 2000 Distortion: Distortion machine Psi Corp
Lfo Filter other effect 04 Dec 2000 Lfo filter: Lfo Controlled Filter. Psi Corp
Drum 2 other generator 30 Nov 2000 Drumkit tracker: With this machine you can load drumkits into Buzz. Get the drumkits at mutes ftp. Look at the main page for his url. Psi Corp
DrumAndAss other generator 30 Nov 2000 Drums: Cool Drummachine. Good for DnB productions Psi Corp
WaveAss synth generator 30 Nov 2000 Synth: Cool synth Psi Corp

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