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Name Type Create date Description Username
909 drum machine generator 12 Oct 2008 Drummachine: The old Rout 909! Rout
EQ-10 equalizer effect 04 Dec 2000 Equalizer: A 10 bands Equalizer Rout
Splitter other effect 04 Dec 2000 Mono - stereo: A mono to stereo convertor. Rout
Vibrato other effect 04 Dec 2000 Vibrato: Vibrato effect Rout
Vst Plugin Loader other effect 04 Dec 2000 Vst: Vst loader. This one is a bit out of date, so you better use the VST 2 Loader. Rout
808 drum machine generator 22 Nov 2000 Drummachine: The Buzz version of the legendary Roland 808 Drummachine. Rout
Soundfont Loader other generator 22 Nov 2000 Soundfont loader: With this machine you can load soundfounts into Buzz. Rout

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