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Name Type Create date Description Username
3Dizer other effect 22 Mar 2001 Eax 2.0 output: This is the completely rewritten version of the EAX 2.0 Output machine. Many new features and bugs fixed. Check the included Html document for installation instructions. Synopia
EAX 2 Output other effect 07 Mar 2001 Eax 2 output: With this output machine its possible to use eax2.0 extensions in buzz. This means, it creates several 3dbuffers. You can move these 3dbuffers around, add cool reverb, all realistic quality. Read the included .txt file carefully for instructions! Synopia
Winamp Plugin Loader other generator 01 Dec 2000 Winamp plugin loader: With this machine you can stream Mp3s into Buzz. You can also load other winamp plugins. Synopia

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