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Name Type Create date Description Username
Intoxicat ACloud sample player generator 23 Jan 2011 Granular wave player: update to original acloud, better interpolatioin, envelopes etc.. intoxicated
Intoxicate GDelay delay/echo effect 13 May 2009 Effect - delay: Granular Delay intoxicated
Dub Delay delay effect 31 Dec 2007 Delay: Delay with various effects in feedback loop. intoxicated
Acloud granular generator 20 Apr 2006 Wavetable granular synthesis machine: A Sample Granulator which can be used to create 'granular clouds'. Lots of parameters can be randomized. Similar in functionality to Audiomulch's Bubble Blower. intoxicated
Genre other effect 20 Apr 2006 Retrigger machine: General Retrigger Machine. An effect that buffers incoming audio on request and then retriggers it. Has got tracker commands and envelopes to process the buffer with intoxicated
Qslice gapper effect 20 Apr 2006 Gapper: A Slicer/Gapper Effect with four amp stages, individual envelopes and multi-out. intoxicated
8n peer controller control 01 Jan 2005 Peer controller: This machine is a peer controller playing a sequence of 8 notes in a loop with various options for triggering and transposing. intoxicated

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