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Green Milk subtractive synth generator 27 Mar 2007 Subtractive synth: A multi-oscillator synth, with low aliasing, chord shapes, oversampled saturating distortion, two sexy LFOs and microtuning. kibibu
PeerTune peer controller control 27 Mar 2007 Peer controller: PeerTune allows detuning of any buzz machines with the right set of detuning attributes (such as Green Milk). A few thousand presets are included from the Scala library. kibibu
Multimerge other effect 26 Oct 2006 Input combiner: kibibu Multimerge takes multiple inputs and combines them in various mathematical ways. Besides straight mixing (like a do-nothing), it can take the median input sample, the standard deviation, the maximum, the minimum and more. kibibu
Slice n Dice other effect 26 Oct 2006 Three channel dj fader: kibibu Slice n Dice is a 3 channel DJ style mixer, that lets you assign each input signal to one of 3 channels and crossfade between them. kibibu
Stereo Tools pan & stereo effect 03 Aug 2006 Manipulating stereo signals: Package with various effect to manipulate stereo signals: - kibibu Channel Swap. Swaps the stereo channels. I told you they were simple. Uses SSE for extremely low CPU load, Cyrix users beware. - kibibu MidSide to Stereo and kibibu Stereo to MidSide. I made these then discovered there's already one out there. For those who don't know what these are, mid is left channel + right channel (ie centre data), and side is left channel. - right channel (ie stereo data). Mid is encoded to left, but if you put a Channel Swap in the middle, you swap the mid and stereo fields. - kibibu Simple Pan. Pan with inertia. - kibibu Stereo Width. Standalone version of LR2MS->Simple Pan->MS2LR. Compresses or expands the stereo image. - kibibu Left, kibibu Right. Only lets through left or right channel. If you want to toggle which channel, use Simple Pan instead. - kibibu Revolver3,5,7 and 9 - All variants on the same thing. 4 Convolver type machines that know about stereo. For each delay tap, you can specify the amplitude as well as the left and right contributions to the outputs. More exciting than it sounds I guess. - kibibu Revolving Pan - Pan that goes beyond just doing gain to handling flipping each channel. Has special inertia handling when going from far right to far left (it goes around the back instead of through the middle). kibibu
Serpent subtractive synth generator 24 Mar 2005 Old machine by Kibibu, uploaded by ecslist. Seems to have a UI and features such as 3 oscillators, filter with resonance, not length setting, a preset system. Sadly it does not seem to run under Windows 7. Serpent is a dirty big envelope synth for Buzz that reached Beta stage before I stopped working on it. This code is being released because I haven't had the time to work on it. To be honest, it didn't receive a whole lot of interest as a binary release, so I pretty much lost motivation. Hopefully a source release, with some appropriate community-based source eyeballing and tweaking will help turn this thing into what I originally wanted: a vehicle for large scale world domination and the enslavement of all mankind. kibibu
Doof 1.5 drum machine generator 12 May 2003 Kick drum synth: This generator is primarily designed for techno kick type sounds, but it can also do higher pitched sounds. This is a new Doof machine with some new features: a filter, two waveforms, almost NO aliasing & filter pops. This is a beta version, so use it at your own risk. Check out the included .txt file for more information! kibibu
Doof drum machine generator 20 Feb 2003 Kick drum synth: This generator is primarily designed for techno kick type sounds, but it can also do higher pitched sounds. It comes with a little manual with pictures, presets and a demo song. kibibu
Convolver7 other effect 29 Dec 2000 Convolver: A simple 7 sample convolving box. kibibu

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