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Name Type Create date Description Username
Platinum Clip distortion effect 03 Jan 2018 A hard acid like clipper that goes well with the Platinum Fish ld0d
Channel EQ equalizer effect 16 Jun 2012 Channel equalizer with an interesting overdrive on each band (if you give it very loud signals) ld0d
Clap drum machine generator 27 Sep 2009 Drummachine: A highly tweakable hand clap drummachine type generator. ld0d
Cymbal drum machine generator 23 Sep 2009 Drummachine: A new versatile drum machine to make cymbals. Supports both 44100 and higher samplerates. ld0d
Snare drum machine generator 23 Sep 2009 Drummachine: A new versatile drum machine to make snaredrums. With a bit of tweaking you can even do more than just snaredrums though, as you can see from the presets. Supports both 44100 and higher samplerates. ld0d
auricula subtractive synth generator 12 Jul 2009 Metallic synth: Simple synth for generating buzzy sounds. ld0d
pFilter filter effect 07 Feb 2008 Subfilter: Subfilter effect for the really low frequencies with 6 filter types and built in distortion. The pFilter is an efficient way to get rid of both DC offset and unwanted subsonics. Tips: Butterworth filters tend to sound more neutral, whereas Chebyshev tend to be more powerful but also change the sound more. ld0d
zdelay delay effect 24 Feb 2007 Delay: LFO controllable delay with feedback and time in millisec or Hz. ld0d
Mixer mixer effect 10 Jan 2004 Mixer: This mixer includes a gui by moon.god, EQs with help from FireSledge, 4 aux busses, midi controls and track recording capability. Installing Polac VST Loaders 1.13b first is required for multi-out support! ld0d
Transient compressor effect 18 May 2003 Transient designer: This transient designer effect allows you to emphasise or smooth the attack or shorten the sustain of the incomming sound. To figure out what this effect does, feed a drumloop through it or listen to the included demo song! ld0d
FMFilter filter effect 09 Mar 2003 Filter: This filter modulates the cutoff frequency by sound. It works together with the Auxbus. Check out the included song for a demo on how to use it. ld0d
Grain granular generator 06 Dec 2002 Granular synth: Cool grain (a short piece of audio data clipped from a wavetable) synth. A lot of options to edit the grain are build in. Also a grain fx effect included, which grains the the latest received input sound. ld0d
Gate gate effect 29 Oct 2002 Gate: Simple but effective gate effect. ld0d
LateDist distortion effect 29 Oct 2002 Distortion: Experimental distortion effect. ld0d
Pipe Delay delay effect 13 May 2002 Delay: A diffrent kind of delay with build in filter. This is the unoptimized version. ld0d
Auxsend other effect 19 Apr 2002 Auxsend: Stereo auxsend with pattern-controllable channels. ld0d
Vocoder other effect 11 Apr 2002 Vocoder: Awesome vocoder that can handle up to 80 bands! ld0d
Jacinth subtractive synth generator 31 Mar 2002 Subtractive synth: An awesome subtractive synth! Features: Gui, a lot of diffrent waveforms + waveform editor, 3 Filters, one LFO per track, etc.... ld0d
Stereo SH filter effect 09 Feb 2002 Resampler: basically a resampler like arguelles degrader, with built-in 12/24dB lowpass filter. ld0d
BandFilter filter effect 26 Jan 2002 Filter: Bandfilter with LFO. ld0d
Padsyn subtractive synth generator 25 Jan 2002 Subtractive synth: Cool subtractive synth with Lfo. Cool for creating weird sounds! ld0d

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