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AutoGain gain effect 01 Oct 2003 Gain: This effect helps you to use limit the gain of a sound to a specified maximum. If the input signal has a level above it, AutoGain automatically adjusts its volume. There may be some distortions (pop's and click sounds) if this occurs. However, this is not a major disadvantage because the second time you play your song, AutoGain will already have adjusted the volume and no distortion will occur. rDev-Software
Continous Wave Reader III sample player generator 01 Oct 2003 Wave player: Do you have a band and you have recently recorded some songs with your favourite multitrack recording program? Well, that's fine but now you have to do the mixing work. Of course, the program of your choice is the buzz tracker. ;-) However, all those wave files are too big to fit into memory, so using wavetable is not an option. Luckyly, there are HD Player generators out there, so you grab one and it works just fine. However, each time you change something, you have to start the whole buzz-song again because you can't resume playing at the right position. This is exactly what the "ConWare III" generator fixes! rDev-Software
Triangular Energy Limiter limiter effect 01 Oct 2003 Limiter: The kinetic energy of a sound depends on the velocity of the loudspeaker. The TriLim effect limits it to a spcified amount. Note that this filter will distort the sound. If you turn the input signal louder, you will get more distortion. The "Max.Change" describes the maximum steepness of the wave. rDev-Software

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