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Name Type Create date Description Username
3DBox pan & stereo effect 16 Jun 2013 True three-dimensional sound positioning. 360 degrees of horizontal rotation. 130 (out of 180) degrees of vertical rotation. Generalized HRTF coefficient dataset. * Currently only headphone support. * Localization is not effective for everyone. * Dry-space localization only. rymix
Kyrie Spectra additive synth generator 31 Jan 2002 Additive synth: Stereo Out additive Synth with a *lot* of sliders / options :) rymix
StereoBox Pro other effect 13 Aug 2001 Stereo field controller: StereoBox on Stereoids! Features expanded parameter ranges (Stereo Width, Axis/Asymmetry controls, Balance, and Rotation), Pseudo Stereo Imaging, Frequency Windowing, two targettable LFOs, full parameter routing, and Input/Output modes. Includes full documentation. rymix
FlaserBox other effect 06 Aug 2001 Flanger, phaser and phatifier: A combination of flanger / 48 stage phaser, with step and manual LFO. rymix
StereoBox pan & stereo effect 12 Jun 2001 Stereo field controller: Allows you to narrow, widen, rotate, and balance (standard and axis/asymmetry) the stereo field of a sound, without affecting phase. rymix

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