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Name Type Create date Description Username
THCMA other effect 04 Mar 2001 Weird delay: This effect is a delayed feedback where the delay, feedback and feedback mode are adjustable. FrequencyUnknown
ODelay delay effect 12 Dec 2000 Delay: Delay effect. FrequencyUnknown
Powerboost distortion effect 07 Dec 2000 Distortion: Very simple non-linear distortion. FrequencyUnknown
Stereo Vibe other effect 07 Dec 2000 Vibrato: A high performance stereo vibrato. FrequencyUnknown
20db Boost gain effect 05 Dec 2000 Gain: Gain effect which boosts your sound with 20db. FrequencyUnknown
Absolut distortion effect 05 Dec 2000 Distortion: Distortion effect FrequencyUnknown
Asymmetric distortion effect 05 Dec 2000 Distortion: Distortion - Humaniser effect FrequencyUnknown
Bender distortion effect 05 Dec 2000 Distortion: Non-linear distortion effect FrequencyUnknown
Class B distortion effect 05 Dec 2000 Distortion: This effect simulates a class B amplifiers cross over distortion. FrequencyUnknown
Freq Out other effect 05 Dec 2000 Wave writer: With this machine you can record sound from Buzz to a .wav file. FrequencyUnknown
FIRe synth generator 01 Dec 2000 Synth: This synth is totally beta/alpha... FrequencyUnknown
Freq In other generator 01 Dec 2000 Wave loader: Harddisk Wave Loader FrequencyUnknown
MrBrown other generator 30 Nov 2000 Noise generator: Brown noise generator. Good for wind effects FrequencyUnknown

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