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Name Type Create date Description Username
DS1 other generator 20 Feb 2001 Sampler: This sampler plays wavetable samples. It is made to trigger samples in a simple way with a midi keyboard. zwar
Repeater other effect 15 Feb 2001 Slicer: This effect records the input signal and than you can chop it into little pieces and do nice things with it like: sliceing, gapping and timestreching. zwar
Taurus fm synth generator 31 Jan 2001 Fm synth: Frequency Modulation Synth based on Dx7 algorithms. It has midi support too! zwar
Live other generator 18 Jan 2001 Global controller: This global controller is very usefull if you want to use Buzz for live performences. zwar
Distortion distortion effect 11 Dec 2000 Distortion: Distortion effect. zwar
Signsplit distortion effect 11 Dec 2000 Distortion: Splits the incoming sign. This results into distortion. zwar
11Delay delay effect 07 Dec 2000 Delay: Mono delay effect. zwar
A2M other effect 07 Dec 2000 Audio to midi: Audio to Midi convertor zwar
11-Lofi distortion effect 06 Dec 2000 Distortion: LoFi distortion effect. zwar
11-Parrot other effect 06 Dec 2000 Beat reversor.: This effect repeats and reverses beats. zwar
11-Stereo pan & stereo effect 06 Dec 2000 Pan: Just another pan machine. zwar
11Swapper distortion effect 06 Dec 2000 Distortion: Same distortion effect as the other swapper. zwar
Csi other effect 06 Dec 2000 Interpolator: Cubic Spline Interpolator zwar
Ox other effect 06 Dec 2000 Synth: Frequency Modulation Effect. zwar
Rhythmgate gapper effect 06 Dec 2000 Gapper: Gapper with rythm styles... pretty cool. zwar
Swapper distortion effect 06 Dec 2000 Distortion: Distortion effect zwar
ZerHacker other effect 06 Dec 2000 Recorder: Recorder and Rows player zwar
Dray sample player generator 01 Dec 2000 Tracker: With this tracker you can timestretch your samples. zwar
FM fm synth generator 30 Nov 2000 Fm synth: Fm Synth zwar
Midiccount other generator 30 Nov 2000 Midi: Midi 0ut machine zwar
11-Fm1z synth generator 29 Nov 2000 Synth: FM Synth zwar

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