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Name Type Create date Description Username
Snapshot other control 30 Oct 2022 Store/restore machine states IX
Magic other control 17 May 2020 A peer/MIDI event sequencer, whatever that is. It's good, go with it. Feed it notes to make cool stuff happen. In the main dialog you can define Pages, Sequences, Steps and Events and what not. Each "Page" is the top level object which contains "Sequences", which contain "Steps", which contain "Events". The "Events" make cool stuff happen. You should definitely read the manual. Really. No, really. I really mean it. I do. Honest. Please? IX
SampleGrid other generator 28 Nov 2015 Sample player: Modified version off BtdSys SampleGrid is a sample player designed especially for rhythm programming. Its main feature is a "grid" of triggers kept together in the pattern view. It also features AuxBus support, for multiple outputs. This machine has some cool midi featrues too! IX
Split peer controller control 03 Mar 2011 Peer control: IX Split allows you to split the note/velocity range into multiple zones (up to 512) which will trigger different machines. Typical uses include sending the same notes to several machines, splitting the keyboard between several machines or having one machine play at low velocities and another at high velocities. IX
Accumulator peer controller control 02 Nov 2008 Peer controller: This machine is a trigger style peer controller, mostly intended for adding controllable pseudo-random texture to parameters but you can send fixed values too. Pseudo random? Each track has it's own independent pseudo-random number generator which will happily spit out seemingly random values all day long. The values are not truly random however but are generated from a seed value, and for a given seed the number sequence will always be the same. You can control the generator's state with various commands that allow you to do things like re-seed the generator or rewind the number sequence to it's start point. When you add a track, the new track's generator is seeded with the current time. IX
Patchbay other effect 02 Nov 2008 Signal routing: This machine is a multi-input, multi-output, signal routing machine. Each machine that you connect to PatchBay as an input is assigned to one of the twenty-four input groups (tracks). By default, each new machine is connected to the first unassigned input but any number of machines can be assigned to a single input. PatchBay has twenty-four seperate outputs which you can access by using the Polac Out II machine. Each input can be routed to any combination of those outputs (and also PatchBay's standard output) by using either the outputs dialog or by using track commands in the pattern editor. By default, each input is connected to both the corresponding output and the standard output. IX
Strip multi effect 02 Nov 2008 Channel strip: IX Strip attempts to provide most of the functions found on a single channel strip of a mixing console. It features Gain, Pan, EQ and Phase controls and implements it's own internal mute/solo logic. Includes a detailed help file and a demo song. IX

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