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Name Type Create date Description Username
EnvBlock other control 01 Nov 2020 Automation curve editor for Buzz. This allows automation of both buzz generators, effects and VST plug-ins. Requires Modern Sequencer to work. See also the wiki for how to use this. WDE
ModernSeq other control 01 Nov 2020 Modernized sequence editor that appears in a separate window, which may be quite useful for people using two monitors. Combined with EnvBlock, this allows drawing automation curves for generators and effects, both Buzz and VST. WDE
DAW CTRL other control 03 Jan 2019 DAW Control is a machine that allows you to bind some Buzz functionalities (Play, Stop, Record etc.) to your favorite Midi device. I needed something like this so maybe you find it useful. It supports "note events" and Midi control messages. Currently it triggers only when value 127 is received. WDE
Freezer other effect 02 Jul 2012 Freezer 2 effect 'freezes' inputted audio from the beginning of the song and plays the recorded audio after freezing. Uses tons of memory but frees CPU cycles and helps to avoid skipping when too machine heavy song is played. Recorded audio can be also copied to wavetable. Assumes 44100 Hz samplerate. WDE

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