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Name Type Create date Description Username
Wave Input other generator 05 Jan 2001 Wave input: For use with SBLive! and APS drivers. Features...high quality resampler, selectable quality for machines with spare CPU power & mono and stereo versions included. automaton
2-Pole filter effect 12 Dec 2000 Filter: 2-Pole stereo filter. automaton
Compressor mkII compressor effect 12 Dec 2000 Compressor: Side chain compressor. Allows you to compress parts separately. automaton
DC Eliminator filter effect 12 Dec 2000 Dc remover: This effect eliminates DC. automaton
EQ-10 equalizer effect 12 Dec 2000 Equalizer: 10 band graphic equalizer automaton
Balance pan & stereo effect 11 Dec 2000 Pan: Basic panning machine with inertia. automaton
EQ-7 equalizer effect 11 Dec 2000 Equalizer: 7 band graphic equalizer. automaton
Mono other effect 11 Dec 2000 Stereo to mono: stereo to mono channel mixer. automaton
Parametric EQ equalizer effect 11 Dec 2000 Equalizer: Parametric Equalizer. automaton
Compressor compressor effect 07 Dec 2000 Compressor: Standard compressor-limiter. automaton
Expander other effect 07 Dec 2000 Expander: Expander/noise gate companion machine to the compressor. automaton
VCF other effect 07 Dec 2000 Vc filter: Voltage Controlled Filters automaton

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