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Enceladus Tube EQ equalizer effect 07 Oct 2017 Tube-like sounding parametric equalizer with three bands. Each band has both the classic adjustments: Boost/cut, frequency and bandwidth, and on top of those, there's also a "mode" and a "drive" parameter. When "drive" is set to 0% it behaves like most other digital EQs. But as soon as drive is above zero, the "Mode" has an effect and controls how the harmonics of the boost will be. It works slightly weird for cutting, so when ducking (boosting by a negative amount) please set Drive to 0% or you will get some fairly odd results. Also, when you increase the amount of boost, you may have to decrease the amount of drive, or vice versa. Boosting in a more rich and beefy way is the main purpose of this plugin. Joachim
Tool multi effect 26 Jun 2012 An all-purpose tool, channel converter, DC remover, mono bass filter and general problem solver. Also good for experimenting and testing other machines. Joachim
Temperature equalizer effect 19 Dec 2011 Looking for a 3 dB/oct filter? Or even a 1 dB/oct filter? Look no further! This VST is like the old "tone control" seen on many 70s and 80s tape recorders, but one that tilts the entire frequency spectrum in a very precise and linear fashion. A value of -10 dB will turn white noise into pink noise, and -20 will give you a RIAA curve. Positive numbers will increase the highs and attenuate the lows. It also comes with an optional DC remover, a 6dB/oct highpass filter that goes from 10 to 1000 Hz. Joachim
Chopper gapper effect 24 Dec 2010 Gapper: Yet another gapper plug-in that features butterworth filters (known from Tethys), de-clicker, various decay curve shapes and even a time travel feature. Joachim
BattleComp Vintage compressor effect 21 Oct 2010 Compressor: The BattleComp Vintage consists of a compressor with sidechain highpass filter and EQ, tube emulation and soft-clipping circuit, all in one VST plugin. Made for both per-channel and master signal compression, it gives a simple way to beef up your tracks, if they are not loud enough. Joachim
Linkwitz-Riley filter effect 21 Jun 2010 Cross-over filter: A Linkwitz-Riley (L-R) filter is an infinite impulse response filter used in Linkwitz-Riley audio crossovers. It is also known as a Butterworth squared filter. An L-R crossover filter consists of a parallel combination of a low-pass and a high-pass L-R filter. The filters are designed by cascading two Butterworth filters, each of which has -3 dB gain at the cut-off frequency. This version does not entirely support automation. Joachim
Uranus delay/echo effect 07 Feb 2009 A delay machine with a lot of different optional effects placed inside the feedback loop: Lowpass, highpass, equalizer, various soft saturation methods, a compressor, a detuner and an irregular sinus LFO that messes with the filter and EQ frequencies. A diffusion parameter will be added in a future version, so this effect is still beta. There's also a VST/AU version. PS: It's pronounced "YOUR-uh-nuss", just like the planet. Joachim
ChannelStrip multi effect 25 Dec 2007 Mixing, multi-effect: This effect does what one channel does on a large mixing console. Use one per instrument. Contains lowpass, highpass, a graphic equalizer, expander, noise gate, compressor and panning. Joachim
Hyperion equalizer effect 24 Jul 2007 Equalizer: 30-band graphical equalizer with 18 dB range, highpass, input gain and global bandwidth Joachim
Multi 2 multi effect 16 Sep 2006 Mastering: General-purpose mixing tool and multi-effect w. gain, denoiser, stereo control, HP filter, mono bass switch, compressor and limiter. Joachim
Tethys filter effect 10 Feb 2005 Filter: A high quality smooth sounding highpass and lowpass filter that uses 48-bit precision butterworth algorithms. Joachim
Saturn distortion effect 22 Sep 2004 Degrader (distortion): Bringing LoFi back into tracking using a combination of several degrading techniques. Joachim
Joachims Compressor - Zephod remix compressor effect 18 Jun 2004 Compressor: This well-known analog sounding compressor has now been improved with a new and very helpful feature: Visualisation! Joachim
Pluto pitch effect 30 May 2004 Pitchshifter: A powerful triple pitch shifter with adjustable buffer size and a lowpass filter that does not use FFT. Joachim
Venus chorus effect 30 May 2004 Stereo spread: This effect gives you control over the stereo perspective and adds variation and life to the signal, offering phasing, chorus, an equalizer and a randomly moving EQ. Joachim
Mars distortion effect 26 Feb 2004 Distortion: A simple but still versatile distortion with 4 different modes. Joachim
PowerPan pan & stereo effect 25 May 2003 Pan: Panning and stereo wideness control effect. Offers both normal panning and psycho-acoustic panning. Joachim
Neptune filter effect 09 Nov 2001 Underwater filter: This one sounds like you are under water. The Neptune filter is a spectral manipulation filter that can isolate either tonal audio using the Spec.Clean slider, OR isolate non-tonal audio using the Spec.Dist slider. It also has a weird middle-tone-only pitch shifter that also seems to add a little reverb. FFT warning: This plugin uses CPU in short spikes which may cause trouble if you are using low-latency outputs such as ASIO out. Using WaveOut or sticking to small FFT sizes will solve clicking/stuttering problems. Joachim
Jupiter compressor effect 29 Oct 2001 Multiband compressor: 3-band compression - a professional mastering tool. It will intensify your mix quite a lot if you use it right! The latest version has the same compressor algorithm as my BattleComp Vintage, and because the filters are linear phase, you will not get the same blurred out smudged fuzzy phase trouble as most multiband compressors tend to do. FFT warning: This plugin uses CPU in short spikes which may cause trouble if you are using low-latency outputs such as ASIO out. Using WaveOut or sticking to small FFT sizes will solve clicking/stuttering problems. Joachim
Mercury filter effect 25 Jul 2001 Filter: Planet series. This filter has: lowpass, analog lowpass and highpass. All stereo, with reso and an LFO. Joachim
Multi 1 multi effect 25 Jul 2001 Mastering: Want that phatt-ass sound? This mastering tool will fix you up. (Denoiser DeepPan stereo-width EQ compressor maximizer in 1 effect!) Joachim
DeepPan pan & stereo effect 11 Feb 2001 Pan: This panning machine uses a special delaying technique to obtain better and more realistic panning. Joachim
DeNoiser filter effect 11 Feb 2001 Noise reduction: This effect removes white noise and hiss. Joachim
Overdrive distortion effect 11 Feb 2001 Distortion: Analog sounding distortion effect. Joachim
Temperature equalizer effect 11 Feb 2001 Equalizer: A simple EQ + highpass filter. Joachim
Compressor compressor effect 11 Dec 2000 Compressor: Compressor effect Joachim
Limiter limiter effect 11 Dec 2000 Limiter: Limiter effect Joachim
VU Meter other effect 11 Dec 2000 Vu meter: Show the sound in a VU meter. Note: this machine was also made by SurfSmurf. Joachim
JComp compressor effect 07 Dec 2000 Compressor: Compressor effect. Joachim
JLimit limiter effect 07 Dec 2000 A simple yet punchy limiter effect with no look-ahead. Joachim

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